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Waste Management in Settlements

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Since its inception, SPCC has been taking various initiatives to address waste management issues in the settlements by developing appropriate strategies to manage garbage produced by business enterprises and local households. Our efforts range from providing support for building waste management infrastructures to providing door-to-door services in major settlements and mobilizing garbage management groups (GMGs) in subsidiary settlements.

Door to door collection system

SPCC provides door-to-door waste collection services in Namche and Lukla – the two major settlements of Khumbu region with a minimum service charge. SPCC field staff collects garbage from all households and enterprises, and transport it to our waste storage house for further treatment.

Partnership with local partners in various settlements

The settlements within the Khumbu region are dispersedly located because of which it is difficult to provide waste management services directly. SPCC strongly believes that involvement of local community is a must for managing wastes in effective way and sustainable manner. With the aim of strengthening community participation in waste management, SPCC created Garbage Management Groups (GMGs) in various settlements, and assigned responsibilities for them. Further, SPCC also extended its partnership with interested existing local organizations, such as youth group and women’s group. With their partnership and engagement, waste management in various settlements and trekking trails has improved significantly. SPCC now works with a total of 23 local partners in various settlements located within our working areas. SPCC provides financial and technical supports to local partners for garbage management in their settlements. Our local partners conduct regular cleanup programs in their villages, and work directly with SPCC in addressing garbage management issues in their respective settlements.

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