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Waste Management in the Mountains

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SPCC is the authorized local organization responsible for monitoring garbage in the permit required mountains under MoCTCA and NMA registered peaks through garbage declaration and clearance system. As per the system, every expedition groups/climbers are required to register at SPCC office and declare their equipment and food list. Upon completion of their climbing period, each group/climber has to submit all burnable and non-burnable garbage to SPCC to get a garbage clearance certificate, which is required to get their garbage deposit refunds from MoCTCA and NMA. SPCC incinerates the burnable garbage generated by climbers at our waste management facilities in Khumbu, whereas takes all non-burnable garbage to Kathmandu for further treatment at recycling centers. SPCC mobilizes staff at Everest Base Camp, Amadablam Base Camp, Camp II, Island Peak Base Camp and Lobuche Base Camp for monitoring of garbage management produced by climbers.

Waste Management Rules for climbers and expedition groups in Khumbu

All mountaineering expeditions entering into the Khumbu region are required to visit the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) office at Namche Bazaar, and acquire necessary information regarding waste management system in this region. Each expedition team must leave a copy of food and equipment list at SPCC office prior to their departure to base camp.

1.Garbage Management:

I. All generated garbage should be segregated into two categories at the base camp.

a) Disposable (burnable & biodegradable): papers, packets, cloths, foodscraps etc.

b) Non-disposable: cans, bottles, EPI gas cylinder, O2 gas cylinder, batteries etc.

II) All disposable and non-disposable garbage must be handed over to SPCC offices at Namche, Lukla or designated base camps to get garbage clearance certificate.

III) You can get your garbage deposit refund from MoCTCA or NMA office in Kathmandu upon submission of garbage clearance certificate issued by SPCC.

2. Additional rules for Mt. Everest and Mt. Amadablam: Nepal government has formulated a new rule for Mt. Everest and Mt. Amadablam in 2015 to control littering of garbage in these mountains. As per the rule, every climbers ascending beyond Everest’s base camp must bring back at least 8 kg of garbage, and climbers ascending above Amadablam base camp must bring back 3 kg of garbage. Climbers and support staff are requested to submit their garbage to SPCC representative at our designated site at Everest Base Camp and Amadablam Base Camp.

3. Human Waste Management:Human waste (Toilet) produced at the base camps must be collected in portable plastics drums or barrels and should be brought down to disposal site designated by SPCC.

4. Burning or burying garbage at the base camps is strictly prohibited.

5. Painting on rocks is not allowed.

6. Monitoring: SPCC can check your permit and monitor base camps any time during the expedition period.

Information on garbage deposits for various mountains and peaks can be found in http://www.tourismdepartment.gov.np/mountaineering-royalty http://www.nepalmountaineering.org/noticespage-19-Royalty%20Structure

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